Promises ~ Karl Freudenreich

This year, I type this story on my work computer that shouldn’t be on the dining room table; I have been working from home since March. At this time of year, this table should be in preparation for guests to gather and celebrate the birth of our Savior. But, it’s my office, and no one will be joining us.
I reflect that even though our world is turned upside down, and the gatherings will not happen as they have in years past, His promises are still one hundred percent true. He has this whole year under His control. He sent His son to be our Savior; we celebrate this Christmas. He is preparing us for the celebration of His life this coming Easter; he promises we will sit at His feet like the disciples did two thousand years ago.
How many times have we been let down by promises unkept? How many times have we asked for that one perfect gift only to be let down on Christmas morning?
Ask my mom and she will tell you her son has “champagne tastes”; something that is not in the DNA of either of his parents.
Too many times on Christmas morning while watching my family open the gifts I painstakingly acquired for them, I was sitting in my pajamas opening my gifts only to open another box with a pair of socks or the off-brand toy that cost five dollars less at Kmart. As I have grown older, I understand now that those five dollars were important to our family, and that a good, warm sock is an important thing to own. But, these gifts did not meet the expectations of thirteen-year-old Karl.
I sometimes wonder if from time to time Simeon had that feeling. God told him that he would see the Christ Child before he passed. He was getting old, and this gift to humanity was not here. Year after year, he prayed and studied the scriptures. But, when would that perfect gift show up?
We only get a short glimpse into his life as he meets the Christ Child that was promised to him. But did he see the star? Did he hear stories of these wise men coming to see the Child? Was he worried about the order sent out by Herod to find this Child? Did he lose hope at times that he wouldn’t survive to meet Him? We may never know.
What we do know is that when God promises something, God delivers. He declared he would send a savior, and He delivered the perfect Savior.
Luke 2:30-32 (English Standard Version)
“… for my eyes have seen your salvation that you have prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and for glory to your people Israel.”
Father God,
Thank You so very much for keeping Your promises. Thank You for sending Your Son to be the King we so desperately need in our hearts. Thank You for the promises yet to come of Your Son’s return, and that we will spend eternity with You. Help us to remember that His birth is just one of the many promises You have kept with us. Send Your spirit to help us be promise keepers. Encourage us to tell Your story, the story about how this one promise kept, allows for the other promises to be fulfilled.