Meet Kelsey
 KELSEY BOHLER.  Director of Worship Ministries  
Kelsey was born and raised just south of Nashville, Tennessee. Her parents, Christian musicians and songwriters Dick and Mel Tunney, prayed that as she and her sister got older, they would not grow up despising God or music since both of those things were such a significant part of their early lives. Kelsey began playing piano at age 4 and has expanded her musical skills through the years to include songwriting, playing the bassoon, teaching piano lessons, writing piano arrangements, and now leading worship. God has certainly answered her parents’ prayers as God and music are still two of the very most important and meaningful parts of her life as an adult.
Kelsey met her husband, Zach, during their years at Wheaton College, where she graduated with a B.A. in Biblical Studies and a minor in Spanish. Since getting married in 2009, they have lived in southern Oregon, Israel, Cleveland, and now finally in Delaware, Ohio. She and Zach have four beautiful, energetic children: Charis, Siloam, Elijah, and Judah. In her spare time, she enjoys homeschooling the younger kids, gardening, woodworking, and reading.