I Will Never Leave You Nor Forsake You ~ Rob Eggeman

As a younger adult, I went through a time of considerable isolation that led to depression and a host of self-destructive behaviours. At one point, I was so miserable and hopeless that I laid down on my kitchen floor crying, pleading with God that, “I need help!” I really was a hopeless mess with no idea what to do to turn things around…except plead with God.
A couple days later, my parents called me and said, “You’ve been on our mind these past couple days and we’d like to come visit.” What a relief that was just to receive the phone call! I lived in Massachusetts at the time and they lived in Ohio so it was no small effort on their part to come visit me.
Their visit was a very encouraging answer to prayer. It helped break the funk I was in, and provided some much needed interaction with people who loved me. It’s interesting that I was not even following Christ yet, but God was looking out for me and clearly had a plan for my life as I accepted Christ as my Savior a couple months later.
Even though I wasn’t “doing my part” to follow Christ, He was doing His part and looking out for me, knowing I was soon coming His way, I’m sure. He took care of me in a time of great need and isolation. He was faithful to me when I was not even paying attention to Him.
God knows our struggles and He knows exactly for what we are pleading. He will not leave us hurting and unattended. He will rescue us!
Joshua 1:5b (New International Version)
“…I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
You know our struggles and exactly for what we are pleading. Rescue us! Thank you for not leaving us hurting and unattended.