Come Again, Lord Jesus ~ Judy Sorensen

Some years ago, I had the privilege of being with our daughter’s family in Montana shortly before Christmas. As every December, they went into the Gallatin Mountains where they could cut down (for free!) a tree for their celebrations.
Our winding trail upwards featured a herd of 45-50 elk strutting majestically across the snow-driven road. In single file the elk bounded the barbed wire fence on the far side of the road. They stretched in regal procession up the mountain. Slowly, one by one by one, their outlines drifted over the crest to the backside of the mountain. As the last one finally crossed beyond range of my vision, I sighed for the loss of their beauty. imprinted on my memory, however, was the image of their crossing; and I knew by faith that they were not far away on the other side of the range.
One of the great mysteries of life consists of the layers upon layers of reality: some reality is visible to the human eye; some, just as real, is not. The fact that I could not see the elk on the backside of the mountain in no way diminished their existence.
Likewise, the fact that Jesus disappeared over 2000 years ago from the crest of this world in no way diminishes His reality; and the fact that He has not yet returned to earth in no way prevents His return. “Come again, Lord Jeus!”
He will; He promised, and sightings of His approach are everywhere. Shortly before returning to His Father, Jesus said to His disciples, “In just a little while I will be gone, and you won’t see me anymore. Then just a little while after that, you will see me again” (John 16;16, New Living Translation).
Father God,
The thought of Jesus’ return to earth fills me and thrills me. May I never lose sight of His return; and by the power of your Spirit, may I work faithfully in His vineyards until I see Him face to face.